About Us

Edite Mode is a French Heritage brand with luxury and upscale pieces but yet approachable, giving space for every women to feel their best version while wearing their clothes. Founded by Maxime & Liudmila Distenfeld back in 2011 as an online boutique -which had a huge support from clients- didn't take too long for them to open their first retail store in July 2014 at Cocowalk, Coconut Grove. Always seeking to maintain the resort lifestyle with timeless pieces specially selected to fit every women's need. 


Following the success of their first store, they decided to open a second location at the iconic Brickell City Centre mall, which seemed only like the next logical step to take in the direction of Luxury Market, this allowed the brand to position itself as one of women's favorite destinations to shop.


The inspiration for every store is elegant, simplicity and timeless design. Using textures ranging from majestic marble, glossy accessories, tufted benches with gold finishes and spectacular chandeliers which reminds us of the luxury feeling of the brand in every corner.


Edite Mode is well known for the wide variety of casual and feminine dresses for daytime and more elegant and statement styles for nightime. Making it only the Ultimate Fashion Destination.